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She wanted to end up being really sexual having him while you are permitting him further his experience of Rias

She wanted to end up being really sexual having him while you are permitting him further his experience of Rias

Adopting the online game up against Party Trump Cards out-of Paradise, Issei proposed to the lady, stating that he planned to invest their lives with her far to help you the girl tearful happiness, it generated her his 5th bride to be.


Due to this lady earlier suffering due to becoming branded a beneficial disgrace of your Himejima Clan if you are created a 1 / 2-Fell Angel, additionally the death of the woman mom Shuri Himejima, Akeno has continued to develop a great hatred for men and you may Fell Angels, suffering internal mind-loathing and you can declining to make use of the woman Holy Lightning function.

Once Issei inquired about her birth she shown this lady Dropped Angel culture, are concerned that Issei perform hate the girl as a result of the distress the guy experienced due to Dropped Angels, but fell so in love with your after he stated that the guy appreciated their regardless of it.

Due to the woman earlier in the day, Akeno is actually noted to help you count on the fresh new guys inside her life (Issei along with her dad, Baraqiel), are unstable when anything bad happens to her or him.

Akeno is considered the most seductive girl regarding harem, given that she takes into account herself Issei’s domme; have a tendency to sneaking towards Issei’s sleep , creeping so you’re able to seduce Issei and you may to get horny when Issei serves manly in front of her. . She have a tendency to keeps sexual longs for him. Akeno provides a fondness from cosplay, tend to putting on a costume so you can seduce Issei and you will S&Yards, while you are usually an enthusiastic S, she becomes Meters getting Issei by yourself.

Akeno is proven to desire to stay at Issei’s side permanently, guaranteeing are their Fell Angel to make your happy, rather than Raynare, new Fallen Angel who murdered your and you can marked his cardio.

Akeno is indexed to-be among calmest females for the this new harem, barely to be jealous of one’s ORC lady, although she really does get jealous when lady who aren’t close to Issei flirt with your. Akeno does fall under a despair whenever she believes you to definitely Issei is really removed off her and you may she never rating your right back.

Issei proposed to her when you look at the Get Online game facing this lady father, guaranteeing to take care of their, and then make their their second bride-to-be.


Because they 1st began intense to one another, Xenovia and you may Issei worked with her to help you access this new forgotten Excalibur bits. On account of the lady relationship with Issei and you may Rias Gremory, Xenovia joined Rias’ peerage just after she are exiled by Church.

Just after is a devil, she tried to offer birth to help you college students and make up having the time she forgotten serving the Church since a woman, choosing Issei because the woman mate due to your as the Red-colored Dragon Emperor. Although not, shortly after Issei requested Archangel Michael to let Xenovia to help you pray versus aches, she https://besthookupwebsites.net/local-hookup/leicester/ recognized your as a member of the alternative sex and fell in love with your.

Xenovia is one of the boldest ladies about harem, as she constantly attempts to spouse having Issei so you can sire students, even providing condoms into classroom to allow them to “practice”.

Xenovia is just one of the people that is concerned with losing about with regards to the woman reference to Issei, because she concerns are overtaken by most other female.

Xenovia try proven to appreciate Issei’s dedicated nature, viewing him just like the an excellent example to follow. She’s together with fascinated by his fuel-variety of assaulting layout, trying to replicate it for her individual explore.

Xenovia including conveyed need for joining Issei’s peerage immediately after he becomes a leading-class Demon. Immediately following Issei was marketed so you’re able to a leading-classification Demon, Xenovia try replaced to help you him, to be their Knight, much to help you the lady happiness. Xenovia provides stated herself while the “Issei’s Sword”.

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